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The tourism industry is highly dependent on student travel. Traveling far away on a regular basis is not feasible for a student, and not all students are wealthy enough to afford high traveling expenses. In such case, what could be better for the students of America than having a beautiful destination to visit nearby the universities they study? We went through research on this topic and came up with some of the best possible options for a student. The places that are as beautiful as closer to the universities so certainly, they are certainly recommended for student travel and worth a visit for the rest. We have also tried to include the nearby attractions, so you don’t miss anything while visiting the top Tourist Destinations in USA.

Destinations near Columbia University

1) Riverside Park

Riverside Park


You don’t need to search hard for the places for student travel when the New York city is in your backyard. But still, there are many interesting destinations closer to that which solves the purpose of student travel. For example, the Riverside Park which has amazing natural sights to see. It’s an ideal place for a photographer as well. This place is the best Tourist Destinations in USA.

2) The Morning side Park

The Morningside Park


This place is also at a walking distance to the area is most recommended for nature lovers. But, that doesn’t mean it will not entertain others. There are places like Miller Theater, Williamsburg Bridge, and Peace Fountain to make the place worth visiting. The traveling expenses would be zero if you are somewhere around the university.

Destinations near Yale University

1) Yale University Art Gallery – 

Yale University Art Gallery


New Heaven has lots of promising places to explore, and this art gallery is one of them. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby attractions like Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History as well. If you are an artist or fond of artistic creations, then there is a museum called the Yale Center of British Art for you to explore. You might also visit the Knights of Columbus where you will get to see various abstract statues along with beautiful paintings. That’s why This place is the best Tourist Destinations in USA.

2) East Rock Park – 

East Rock Park


The lovers of nature won’t be disappointed near the Yale University, and all credit goes to this beautiful park with its natural assets. If you get exhausted by visiting all the places mentioned above, you can rest at Shubert Theater while entertaining yourself with its ongoing shows.

Destinations near Stanford University

1) Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery –

Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery


 Stanford is rich regarding art, and you can visit the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery or the Cantor Arts Center to realize that.

2) Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden – 

Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden


For the lovers of statues, there is the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden and Rodin Sculpture Garden. All these places are less than a kilometre away from the university, so the student travel becomes very easy. You can also fulfil your shopping needs at The Stanford Shopping Center which is less than two kilometres away. You can also choose to entertain yourself at The Stanford Theater located at the same distance. If you don’t want to walk that far, there is Bing Concert Hall where you can enjoy various musical performances by famous artists. This place is the best Tourist Destinations in USA.

Destinations near the University of California

1) Freud Playhouse – 

Freud Playhouse


There is so much to entertain a student in Los Angeles. We recommend visiting the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame along with Freud Playhouse because both are at a walking distance from the university. The good news is, even the UCLA Meteorite Gallery is located nearby so you can visit three of them without using transport.

2) Mildred Mathias Botanical Gardens – 

Mildred Mathias Botanical Gardens


Not many people know about this beauty located within a kilometre from the university. It’s a treat to the eyes of nature lovers and most recommended for the students who wish to see a wide range of beautiful flowers. Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial park is worth a visit as well though its farther than the places mentioned above.

Destinations near Harvard University

1) John Harvard Statue – 

John Harvard statue


Want some good luck? Just rub the foot of John Harvard statue. Well, at least the myth says so. You don’t have to go anywhere far from the university as it is located in the same place. The statue and the myth have become a legacy for the students as well as the tourists. You might even go and quench your thirst for art at the Harvard Art Museums. This place is the famous Tourist Destinations in USA.

2) Club Passim – 

Club Passim


To enjoy the nightlife during a student travel, visiting the Club Passim is most recommended because of its funky musical presentations and being at a walking distance from the university. The Sanders theatre and the Brattle Theatre are almost at the same distance from university so you will definitely achieve your entertainment quota of your tour. For the wildlife enthusiasts, the Harvard Museum of Natural History can turn out to be the very interesting place. Especially if they want to gather detailed information about various wild animals.

Destinations near Berkeley University

1) UC Botanical Garden – 

UC Botanical garden


Nature lovers won’t be disappointed if they are around Berkeley University. UC Botanical garden is one of the major attractions of the city along with Berkeley Marina which is an ideal place for biking and walking in the fresh air and sun. The aquatic views are worth a visit.

2) Tilden Regional Park – 

Tilden Regional Park


This public field has something for all age groups. If you are in search of a spot for hiking and beautiful sites near the university, then you must visit this park. You can also enjoy the ride of the steam train here. You can also visit the Indian Rock Park for a similar experience but don’t miss the views from the Sather tower and the Lawrence Hall of Science if you are nearby. This place is the best Tourist Destinations in USA.

Destinations near the University of Pennsylvania

1) Walnut Street – 

Walnut Street


The very famous Walnut Street with its joyful fountains and the Pen Museum are a must visit places for their beauty. You can’t resist yourself from gazing at the grand statue located at the 30th Street Station Philadelphia. The architecture of the Fisher Fine Arts Library is worth a sight as well.

2) Philadelphia Museum – 

Philadelphia museum


If you are fond of visiting the artistic destinations, the Philadelphia Museum of art won’t disappoint you. Overall, the area is a perfect fit for student travel. This place is the best Tourist Destinations in USA.

Destinations near the North Western University

1) Grosse Point Light House – 

Grosse Point Light House


This University is rich concerning nearby attractions and Grosse Point Light House, Mary and Leigh Block Museum and Evanston History Center are good examples of that. You can also experience the magic of Chicago Magic Lounge if you are bored and want to try something unusual to visit. This place is the best Tourist Destinations in USA.

2) Dawes Park –


This beautifully developed park is one of the major natural attractions where you can have some peaceful time in the lap of nature. You can enjoy the games of Ryan field if you are feeling a bit sporty.

Destinations near the University of Michigan

1) Michigan Stadium – 

Michigan Stadium


Well, not all the destinations are at a walking distance here, but they are located in Ann Arbor and worth visiting. Most of the students love the sports activities, and they will certainly have a good time at Michigan Stadium.

2) Yost Ice Arena and the Main street – 

Yost Ice Arena and the Main street


There are landmarks like the Yost Ice Arena and the Main street and museums like the Leslie Science Center. There is also Michigan Theater and Theater Nova to keep you entertained during your student travel. So, the bottom line is, this place has something for everyone along with the students, so we definitely recommend including it in your traveling list. In terms of student travel, undoubtedly there are many more attractions in America for the students all over the world other than this brief article we came up with. But we hope the information we gathered about these beautiful destinations helped you in some way. Have a nice day and bon voyage.

These are the most Top Tourist Destinations near your Universities in USA.

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