Cash-Back Credit Cards (Cashback Kredittkort): Reward Cards

Although it seems counterintuitive, you should know that earning money by using a credit card for spending is a good solution and one of the most significant ways providers are trying to motivate customers to use their products.

Therefore, using a credit card to boost a credit score and earn rewards can offer you peace of mind and a double winning option. However, it would be best to use it strategically, especially since overspending is simple, which may lead to a vicious debt cycle.

In reward miles, cash-back, and other seemingly complicated options, you may enter a significant debt resulting in late fees, accruing interest, and many more. We can differentiate numerous credit cards that will offer you sign-up and welcome bonuses and other rewards that will provide you peace of mind.

Before choosing anything, we recommend you learn more about the basics to determine which reward credit card is the best for your specific requirements. Similarly, as with any other purchase, you should conduct comprehensive research and determine whether a specific option fits your financial goals and plans.

Avoid Budget Creep

Avoid Budget Creep

Reward cards can offer points for shopping in specific areas and buying certain categories such as groceries, dining, travel, and vehicle expenses. Therefore, when earning rewards, we can differentiate two essential options, including:

  • Cash-Back – The main idea is to earn a specific percentage based on where you shop, including a grocery store, restaurant, gas station, and warehouse club. Everything depends on your chosen provider because each one features a list of items offering higher cash-back opportunities than others.
  • Travel – Regarding travel cards, they will offer you miles or points based on the amount you spend, meaning you can use them afterward for hotel rooms, flights, and other related activities. You should know that typical rewards include dining and travel, among other things.

Although these categories are something people spend on, when you use a credit card, you can use it to boost your budget and spend the amount you usually would. However, you will get additional rewards for the process. We are talking about budget creep, a cost model that will urge you to exceed your budget.

Therefore, if you spend fifty percent more money on dining out, you would get four times more travel rewards but end up with hefty debt you cannot repay promptly. At the same time, a single late payment will reset and remove everything you earned, meaning you should spend wisely and stay within the budget you can afford.

According to studies, using a credit card to pay for the regular things you usually buy, you are more likely to spend than cash. Therefore, specific providers are trying to offset our tendency to spend more with credit cards, which will offer you perks for reaching the desired expenses.

However, before making up your mind, you should determine whether such spending will cause financial strain to your everyday life or not. Always aim to spend the amount you can return entirely before the billing period ends.

You can avoid accrued interest rates on the overall balance, a common problem when rolling over debt from one month to another. 

Understand Different Rewards

Understand Different Rewards

Although you can get a card with regular or standard reward options, you can choose many opportunities to offer you peace of mind. The crucial aspect is to learn about potential earnings, which is vital to remember. For instance, when you get three percent cash back at restaurants, you will earn three percent on every hundred dollars you spend.

This percentage will function only at certain restaurants, while you will get two percent when buying groceries or visiting gas stations. These rewards will put cash back into your pockets, but you must be sensible and consider each purchase beforehand. This website will help you determine the best cash-back card for your needs.

On the other hand, you can choose a travel card, which will help you earn miles towards travel or points for specific accommodation when you decide to go on holiday. Some cards will limit your use to specific hotels and airlines, while others come without restrictions.

At the same time, the amount you will earn on travel cards varies based on your spending, but the redemption is $0.01 per mile or point. Everything depends on your chosen card and a provider’s specific offers, but you can earn much more. Besides, you may get flexibility when redeeming because you can transfer points to statement credit or gift cards.

Avoid Overspending

The main idea of reward cards is to motivate you to spend more than you usually would. Therefore, when you reach a certain amount, you can unlock bonuses, earn more points, and redeem them afterward for various rewards.

This system directly affects our shopping emotions, especially when we have a sense of sacrifice or loss when deciding to trade cash for other objects. However, with the reward cards, you will get a positive kick when you notice the increase, which will help you qualify for a reward and unlock the bonus.

Therefore, you should consider a welcome bonus, for instance. That way, you can get the amount you can spend for certain aspects during the initial ownership moments. Welcome bonus rewards people who decide to spend more during the first few months, which may lead to severe issues and overspending.

Of course, suppose you have already created a plan and budget for making a significant purchase. In that case, you can take advantage of the welcome bonus to get an additional discount or earn money you can use further for other reasons.

For instance, if you already planned to book a specific flight, when you do it with an airline travel card, you will boost several points you can later redeem for a free flight or a considerable discount.

As you play along, you will earn more, which is essential to remember. However, without discipline, chances are high that you will enter a significant debt after overspending. It is essential to ignore terms and seek things you need while ensuring you obtain the most significant return for regular spending habits.

Understand Fees and Expenses

You should know that credit card companies will charge you various fees throughout the process, including:

  • Annual Fees – We are discussing the amount you must spend annually to handle a specific situation. Of course, you can find the ones that will not charge you anything, which are the best options for beginners.
  • Late Fees – Making on-time payments and clearing the balance before the billing date is essential for boosting credit scores and avoiding late fees, which will come combined with interest rates and other expenses.
  • Interest Rates – As mentioned above, when you decide to roll a balance from one month to the next, the interest rate will accrue the amount you roll. However, you can avoid this problem by spending the amount you can handle before the billing cycle ends. That way, you can prevent entering a vicious debt cycle, while late payments will directly affect your credit score and ability to redeem rewards you gathered.
  • Cash Advance – Suppose you take out cash against your credit card balance. In that case, you must pay a withdrawal or cash advance fee without waiting for the end of the billing cycle. Usually, the percentage ranges between three and five percent of the advance, so we recommend you avoid withdrawing cash altogether.