Google Now Introduces its Search Results With Hear This Out Loud Button πŸ”Š

Google is the biggest company in the information technology sector, and we can say Google is one of the best technology providers. They always work on the latest technologies to make our lives better. Along with that, Google is known for providing updated gadgets.

As we all are always aware of the fact that Google is consistently working over newer updates to make things easy for its users. Some of them really show up in the search results. However, others rapidly vanish again without Google truly disclosing them. Such functions are usually found during their test stage and are drawing into the consideration of SEOs. The same goes with the “Hear Out Loud Button.” This new feature would show up in Google’s Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels.

Google Advance Assistant Feature Sounds Great

This new feature comes into play just with the click of a button that users can use to play the text or content of the search result can be found directly under the featured snippet. The featured snippets are the little paragraphs of text that appear first when you are searching for an answer. These snippets are in the form of text content from the site that is featured to catch the viewer’s attention to check if the site is of any use to them. This is an interesting feature in terms of accessibility and the growth of voice search. Google previously had the vital innovation. However, no one reported anywhere that the button actually played the text.

Here is a video of it in action:

What is the ‘Hear This Out Loud’?

Since this feature was recognized by users in India who tweeted featuring this new additional feature, however, the vast majority currently can’t see this feature on their desktop yet. Numerous individuals are attempting to replicate the search so that the feature could re-appear. However, Google has incredible innovation that offers accessibility features on Chromebooks and other areas. It could be a sign that Google is testing this new feature in some parts of the county and may launch it soon.

This button, as the name proposes, permits you to hear the snippet read to you out loud. The snippet text is short, precisely direct, and effectively lucid. In this way, what could be the motivation to add such a feature when you can read it out. In any case, we all have seen that Google consistently offers something of extraordinary assistance. Along these lines, the conspiracy of this feature adds up on Google or not will be clear in the coming future. The official announcement to make it work in all regions is as yet not yet decided.

The Final Conclusion

Overall, it’s still too soon to offer substantial expressions about the “Hear This Out Loud” feature. Similar terms apply to website operators, as always. Content that is prepared in such a way that it presents all important information in a structured and clear manner has a good chance of ranking high and being displayed as a featured snippet. Simultaneously, plainly defined content will likewise function admirably through voice command speakers like Alexa and Siri or then again screen readers and satisfy users – and accordingly Google.