How to Get Back in Touch with Your Sexual Side

Life’s responsibilities can often lead to a healthy, active, and fulfilling intercourse life. If you spend most of your time completing chores, ticking off to-do lists, or sending emails, you might be eager to have a little more fun underneath the sheets. After all, intercourse is a natural stress reliever and will trigger those all-important feel-good hormones.

If you want to make time for a bit of fun between tasks, read the following advice on how to get back in touch with your sexual side.

Increase Your Confidence with New Lingerie

New lingerie will make you feel instantly sexier. The newfound confidence might inspire you to proposition your partner to enjoy some fun in the bedroom. Choose lingerie that complements your body shape and makes you feel great about yourself. The right design and color will not only make you feel beautiful, but it could boost your confidence between the sheets.

Boost Your Libido with Exercise

It might be time to hit the gym if you have a low libido. Breaking a sweat will make you feel more confident with your body shape, and various studies have found people who embark on regular exercise have higher intercourse drives. So, hit the treadmill, join a HIIT class, try yoga, or go for a run or bike ride with your partner.

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Explore Your Body with intercourse Toys

Intercourse toys are a great way to embrace your more sexual side, as they can help you explore your body alone or with a partner. You can learn what you like and don’t like, allowing you to become more assertive and knowledgeable in the bedroom. Your new confidence will not only help you maximize pleasure but it is bound to excite a partner. Find the perfect intercourse toy for you at

Spice Things Up with a New Activity

If your intercourse life is in a rut, a new activity could transform your satisfaction. In addition to using intercourse toys, introduce new tactics to feel sexier and enjoy more fulfilling intercourse life. For example, read erotica before intercourse, watch a hot movie alone or with your partner, try roleplaying, or move the bedroom to a private yet public place. The above activities could help you step outside your comfort zone and have more fun with a partner.

Change How You Touch

A partner’s touch can determine how sexy you feel, as well as your sexual satisfaction. For this reason, you must switch up touching when alone or intimate with another person. For example, decrease or increase the speed, rhythm, or pressure of your touch. Also, you can swap hands for other intercourse toys or props, such as a vibrator, feathers, or fabrics. You might be surprised by the difference it makes to your libido, confidence, and performance.

Look at Yourself Naked

Many people avoid staring at their naked bodies, as they might feel insecure about various features. Yet, your body is beautiful, and many people would likely agree. Rather than hiding yourself away, start looking at yourself naked more often. 

The more time you look at your body and spend time without clothes on, the more comfortable you will become with your body shape. It could banish insecurities and negative thoughts, making you feel sexier and more confident with a partner. 

Learn Tips by Listening to Intercourse Podcasts

There is seemingly a podcast for every subject nowadays, and intercourse and dating are no exception. If you are struggling to feel sexy in the bedroom or have fallen into a sexual rut with your other half, listen to some of the many podcasts available.

Some great intercourse podcasts to try are:

  • Why Are People into That?
  • Better in Bed
  • Savage Lovecast
  • Modern Love
  • The Orgasm Cult
  • The Hotbed
  • Laid Bare

Listening to a intercourse podcast will not only provide an insight into other people’s intercourse lives, but you could learn many helpful tips and tactics to try to increase your libido, confidence, or satisfaction.

Talk About Your Sexual Desires

Many people allow embarrassment to hold them back in the bedroom, but they will have fantasies they might want to experience in real life, from threesomes to BDSM. Rather than keeping your sexual desires bottled up, discuss them with a partner, and encourage them to do the same. 

It will allow you to embrace your biggest fantasies together, which could transform your intercourse life and intimacy. Plus, it is a vulnerable act that could even improve physical and emotional intimacy with your other half. Give it a try. It is a great way to keep your intercourse fresh and exciting.

Don’t settle for a dull or non-existent intercourse life. Embrace the above effective tactics to unleash your sexual side once again. You won’t regret it and will only wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.