New immigration rules in Australia for international students and its impact

The global data suggests Australia is a top choice for most students who wish to make it big and want to opt for higher education while gaining their first global work experience. While Immigration rules are subjective to a country’ economic status, political circumstances and priorities, Australia tailors its policies to make a win-win situation for all.

After the pandemic and the surge of millions of visa applications, most countries are working on their immigration rules to make things easier for people who wish to gain PR in their dream country or want to opt for higher education at deemed global universities.

The new PR rules in Australia are making headlines for all the right reasons and are a subject of curiosity for plenty of aspiring students and workers alike. Like most countries, Australia too adjusts its immigration policies to attract skilled and experienced workers to meet its industry needs and wishes for them to fill the existing skill gaps.

No matter what age group you belong to, whether you may be a student who wishes to pursue higher education or a skilled worker who wants to gain mandatory employee benefits, you need to stay updated about the new immigration rules.

The Australian government has planned to introduce some fresh visa rules for international students and skilled workers. If you have plans to shift to Australia for higher education or work purposes stay tuned! According to the new immigration rules the country wishes to sort their migration system and make it easy for both the migrations and the inhabitants.

The first rule caters to the applicant’s English proficiency and the knowledge of the language. According to the new rule international students need to work on their recognized English test scores, especially the IELTS or PTE. For example, if you are a graduate looking to apply for a visa you need a minimum band score 6.0 to 6.5. While student applicants need to score 5.5 to 6.0. What does it signify for the Indian students? People might wonder, the answer to this question is simple. The good news is the students will be able to be eligible for the temporary graduate visa if they fulfill three conditions. Firstly if they are doing a two year graduate degree, secondly if they are pursuing a three year masters and thirdly if they wish to complete their four years PhD.

According to the latest Australia immigration news updates, the Australia work visa is being replaced by Skills-in-demand visa which allows the country to keep up with the uprising skills they need and review the visa applicants who possess the same. It will enable the country to keep up with the rising industry demand

Contrary to the popular belief the Australia immigration new policy is in favor of the immigrants and will help them get permanent residence in future.

There are three pathways to the 4 year Australian visa, skilled, family and business migration. With the new Skills-in-demand visa employees can gain several work opportunities in emerging areas of energy and technology. The three skills pathways according to the Australian immigration rules include specialist skills, core skills and essential skills pathway.

The specialist skills pathway is for immigrants who can add to Australia’s national productivity and have guaranteed annual earnings of AUD 135,000. Some occupations that are exempted from this are trade workers, drivers, machinery operators and laborers.

The core skills pathway on the other hand focuses on the skills immigrants must possess which can help the country fill their skill shortage. Readers can refer to the core skills list available on Australia’s official website. People working under this come under temporary skilled migration income threshold or TSMIT. Some of the occupations under TSMIT include software and application programmers, registered nurses, civil engineering professionals, accountants, electrical engineers among many more.

Lastly comes the essential skills pathway, it entails workers who are paid below AUD 70,000 and are currently sponsored by labor agreements. Immigration agents all over the world have welcomed the new immigration rules in Australia and feel they are for the betterment of the Australian economy and make the migration process easily accessible to all.

What implored the Australian government to make these new immigration rules one might wonder. Well, these new rules are put in place due to a forecasted peak in net immigration this year. If you too are curious about the new Australian immigration rules and want to learn more about their impact on the masses you can visit official government websites which possess accurate information.

The new Australian immigration policy adheres to the country’s notion to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusivity. Several Australian immigration experts feel the country is keen to welcome individuals from different backgrounds and wish to have a positive effect on various sectors of their economy.

These immigration policies enable the country to strike a perfect balance between attracting proficient individuals to meet their growing industry demands and providing a positive migration experience. With several post-graduation work opportunities it may be beneficial for Indian students who wish to gain practical work experience and learn hands-on training to become skilled global workers in Australia.

It is the favorable immigration policies of Australia which make the country a top choice for most visa applicants who wish to choose it as their long term residence. The new immigration rules have added to the attractiveness of the Australian universities and companies and made them a sure shot choice for millions of Indians.