Top 5 Tips for Standing Out in the Virtual Networking World

Networking is an essential part of improving professional prospects. Young professionals participate in social events with more experienced professionals to gain insight into the working world and to establish a presence. Modern technology has elevated networking events and transported some into the virtual sphere.

Individuals wishing to make an impression during virtual networking events must be aware of their appearance and try to set themselves apart from other prospects. You can customize Zoom background options and show off your confidence. Discover five ways to stand out in the virtual crowd.

1. Use a Custom Virtual Background

Creating a custom virtual background is one of the best things you can do to negate one of the most common problems of virtual interactions: background distractions. Not every candidate for a mentorship or job has a private home office. Most young collegiate professionals attend virtual networking events from dorm rooms or bedrooms.

The first impression you want to make with a mentor or potential employer is that you are confident and knowledgable, not that your favorite movie is Kill Bill or that you leave laundry on your floor. Virtual backgrounds eliminate distractions like posters and clutter, allowing you to show off your most desirable characteristics.

2. Display Your Logo

A virtual office background for teams can allow you to customize the screen to display personal or professional information. You can design an image that includes the most pertinent information on your resume, such as your degree or credentials. If you are scheduled to talk with someone from a particular company you admire, consider using the brand logo or colors as a backdrop.

3. Prepare an Elevator Pitch

Every person has something special about themselves, a reason others should want to work with them. You should be able to answer who you are and why you are hireable concisely.

Many people get confused with the elevator pitch idea because most individuals are not used to bragging about themselves or stroking their egos. An elevator pitch is not about bragging but about relaying your talents, skills, and qualifications to people who may alter your professional life for the better. Don’t be afraid to express confidence in yourself.

4. Dress Appropriately and Be Mindful of Your Appearance

When virtual meetings first jumped to the forefront, people mistook them for casual events. Don’t make that mistake. When attending a virtual networking event, dress to impress.

Also, while it should go without saying, wear pants. Too many people think the camera doesn’t see them below the waste, but often, during social events, people see more than you think they can on camera.

5. Be Punctual

Just because a networking event is virtual does not mean it is come whenever. Most virtual events have set times, and you want to make the best impression with the host and other attendees. Be punctual. Remember the saying that early is on time and on time is late.

You can find free Zoom backgrounds to use for your virtual event to help you stand out in the crowd. However, remember the most important thing is how you present yourself. Contact a local career coach to discuss the above techniques and gain more insight into virtual networking.