Top Five Types of Skirting Boards worth Investing In

The base of the wall is the most vulnerable part of the building. The area is often exposed to foot traffic due to the various types of wear and tear. Over time, this can further cause damage to the wall. Water seepage into the base of the wall can also cause wall damage over time. Introducing skirting board mdf can significantly protect your plaster from being cracked. Given the importance of skirting boards, you need to choose the right one that fits your project. In this article will look at the top five types of skirting boards that guarantee good service.

1. MDF skirting board

MDF skirting board is one of the most used skirting boards. It is made from medium-density fiberboard thus the name MDF skirting board. The board is a composite of wood products made by compressing a combination of wood fibers resin and wax. Skirting board comes in a wide range of sizes, styles, sizes, and finishes, making it easy to customize to suit your specific interior design styles.

2. Metal skirting board

As the name suggests, metal skirting boards are made of metal. The materials used may either be aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. Metal skirting boards are often used in industrial or commercial settings to ensure durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is not only durable metal skirting board but is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Most importantly, this material requires very little to no maintenance. Due to its ease of cleaning, metal skirting is a practical choice for high-traffic areas. 

3. Double-layer skirting board

As the name suggests, double-layer skirting boards are designed with two layers. The bottom layer sits flush with the wall, while the top layer protrudes out from the wall providing a decorative finish. This double-layered design offers additional protection to both the walls and the baseboards. The advantage of having the bottom layer is that it can be used to hide imperfections in the wall.

4. Movable skirting board

Movable skirting boards are specially designed to be easily moved. The installation of this type of skirting board involves using a clip system that allows for the easy lifting of the skirting off the wall for access to cables and other connections behind it. Sometimes they can be lifted off the wall for easy access to cables or pipes that run behind it. This feature makes it particularly useful in commercial buildings. Most importantly, movable skirting boards can also be adjusted to custom heights that accommodate different flooring types.

5. Wooden skirting board

Its natural beauty and durability make wooden skirting a popular choice for skirting boards. Wooden skirting comes in a variety of wood types and finishes. That means you will always get the right type that complements your interior design styles. The most amazing part is that wooden skirting boards can be tailored to match the decor of a room by painting, staining, or varnishing.


Whether the Skirting board mdf or wooden, the role of skirting boards is universal. They are widely used in different sectors to provide a polished and finished look. In any construction project, a skirting board provides protection and insulation benefits among others.