A Complete Guide To Sending Sympathy Flowers

Throughout the pandemic, Americans lost friends and family members. The grieving process can be extremely tough. If you have recently lost a friend, acquaintance or family member, sending a token of your sympathy to their immediate family is a good idea. While there are a number of things you can do to show grieving individuals you are thinking of them, nothing is as effective as sending sympathy flowers.

If you are new to the world of sympathy flowers, you might be unsure about why or how to send them. Rather than letting your lack of knowledge get in the way, it is time to educate yourself. Read below to find out more about sympathy flowers and some tips on how to choose the right arrangement to send to grieving friends or family members.

The Importance of Sympathy Flowers

Millions of Americans deal with the death of a loved one every year. For years, sending sympathy flowers has become a tradition. These flowers are sent to the bereaved family of a deceased person. Generally, sympathy flowers will be delivered to the home of a recently departed person’s family or the funeral home. Expressing your condolences to a loved one for a recent death in their family can be difficult. The main goal you should have when sending a sympathy flower bouquet is providing a token of your condolences.

Many people view sympathy flowers as a symbol of the fleeting nature of life itself. If you want to convey your love and respect for a person who has passed away, there are few things more effective than sending a great sympathy flower arrangement.

Types of Sympathy Flower Arrangements You Can Send

Now that you know about the importance and symbolism of sympathy flowers, you are probably wondering what type of arrangements you should send.

Casket Flower Arrangements

In most cases, casket flower arrangements are purchased by the immediate family of the deceased. Arrangements like lid sprays are placed directly on the coffin. There are times when the funeral director will provide smaller arrangements that can be placed inside of the coffin of the deceased.

Living Plants and Floral Baskets

If you are trying to find a sympathy flower arrangement for a friend, relative or coworker, then living plants and floral baskets are a good option. You can use any type of flowers you want for these arrangements. Generally, these arrangements will be sent to the grieving family’s home.

Floral Tributes

If you want to celebrate the clubs, occupations or hobbies of a recently departed loved one, investing in a floral tribute is a fantastic idea. These arrangements usually feature personalized designs and pictures. While you might have to pay a bit more for these personalized floral tributes, it is worth it if you want to commemorate what makes a recently departed friend or family member special.

Floral Wreaths and Crosses

Typically, floral crosses and wreaths will be sent by a group of people who want to show sympathy. These floral arrangements are usually displayed on the altar or dais of the funeral home.

As you can see, there are many sympathy flower arrangement options to choose from. With a bit of research, you can decide which arrangement works best for your budget and overall goals.

Things To Consider When Ordering Sympathy Flowers

The right sympathy flower arrangement can help you show a grieving friend or family member they are important. Once you have an idea of what type of arrangement you want to get, you will need to start researching the various florists at your disposal. Rushing through the florist selection process can have disastrous consequences.

As you start to look at the florists at your disposal, you need to consider various things. One of the main things you need to find out about a florist is what type of reputation they have. You can get this information by checking out the reviews a florist has received from past customers.

You also need to check the delivery times that a florist can offer before choosing them. Failing to do this can lead to your arrangement not getting delivered before the funeral of a friend or loved one takes place. The price of these arrangements offered by a florist is also something you need to consider. One of the best ways to make buying a sympathy flower arrangement more affordable is by splitting the cost. By splitting the cost, you can get a better arrangement without having to handle all of the costs alone.

Before placing your sympathy flower order, you need to make sure you know where it is being delivered. Getting the address to the funeral home beforehand can make this process much easier. Going into this process prepared will make getting a beautiful sympathy flower arrangement delivered on time simple and stress-free.


Types of Flowers To Include In Your Sympathy Arrangement

If you’ve never ordered a sympathy flower arrangement before, you might be surprised to learn how many options there are. As you start to look at the arrangements at your disposal, you need to ensure some of the following flowers are included.

Roses Have Universal Appeal

One of the most popular flowers featured in sympathy arrangements is the rose. This flower symbolizes both respect and love. Most people send yellow roses when celebrating the life of a close friend or family member. If you want your arrangement to represent commemoration and grace, then you should opt for a white or pink rose.

Don’t Forget the Lilies

If you want your sympathy arrangement to have a sense of elegance and class, you need to choose options with lilies. All over the world, lilies represent dignity, peace and grace.

Orchids Are a Good Option

Orchids are one of the most popular flowers you will find in sympathy arrangements. These flowers are usually pink and white and are extremely beautiful.

It’s Time To Take Action

Now that you know more about sympathy flower arrangements, it is time to make a purchase. With the help of a reputable florist, you can get a good deal on a quality sympathy flower arrangement.