Corona Virus – Things to Have Knowledge of


For the last four centuries, the world has to face a natural disaster that affected the lives of so many people. Like, in 1720, there was an arrival of the Great Plague and in 1820, the 1st Cholera Pandemic took place. Both of them caused thousands of deaths. The condition got worse in the year 1920 when the Spanish Flu came. It eventually took millions of deaths of people suffering from this influenza.

About Corona Virus

In this 21st century, especially in the year 2020, a threatening condition named ‘Corona Virus’ has taken its place in almost every part of the world. Also known as COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus, it has made a major impact on a global level. It stands for an infectious disease that can spread from people to people. The birth of this disease took place from the Wuhan region of China. It is believed to come from its wet market where dead and live animals are sold.

Today, it has spread its roots with such an impact that around 30,000 deaths have been addressed in just 3 months. It is because there wasn’t any serious impact of this virus in the December month of 2019. From person to person, it has made a chain and affected people’s life. It mainly affects the lungs by which the problem goes to a bigger level.

How Does It Spread?

Many people have a misunderstanding that this virus spreads in the air. The study suggests that it spread mainly from person-to-person. Like, if a person has come under its effect and his or her respiratory droplets go into the contact of another person through cough or sneeze, it takes place in another person’s body. Along with that, it may transfer between people who come in contact with another, within 5 to 6 feet.

Corona Virus Symptoms Day by Day

In the initial time, a person will feel sick for some days. It may vary from day one to more than a dozen days. One of the common symptoms during this stage includes tiredness, dry cough, and fever. In some cases, it can be serious and the person has to face troubles in breathing. It proves to be a bit dangerous for older people having medical conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart disease or those who are severely ill. It affects mainly those having lower immunity. That’s why special care is required.

Vaccine and Treatment

Right now, the doctors are trying to form a vaccine of this virus. There is no particular medicine in any corner of the world by which a person gets completely cured. Though, in some regions of India like Bhilwara, the doctors have attempted to provide a combination of some medicines which are used to treat malaria, HIV and Swine Flu. One of the great things is that a person who was found positive with COVID-19 got admitted. When he was treated with such medicines, his report was found negative in the second test. This has been a good move by the doctors and maybe this kind of treatment would heal other patients as well.


Many of you have heard two words that are becoming very popular these days. The first word is ‘quarantine’ and the second one is ‘isolation’. These words indicate that people have to stop social gathering and they must keep away from those who are suspected of viruses like COVID-19. As you are already aware of the situation that has taken place in our surroundings, it is better to stay home with loved ones. Try to maintain social distance as this virus is spreading with a faster approach. One of the best prevention is self-isolation.

Here are some points by which you can protect yourselves from this threatening condition.

Corona Virus – Things to Have Knowledge of

1. Wash your hands properly. If there isn’t the availability of sanitizer, make sure to wash them properly three times for around 20 seconds. It has been scientifically proven that the proportion of germs is decreased when a person washes the hands three times as compared to a single time or twice.

2. Cover the nose as well as your mouth with a handkerchief or mask. Try to make a distance from unwell people.

3. If there is a feeling of any symptoms that have taken place for some days, try to consult the doctor.

Home-Based Treatment

Nature always helps us in various aspects. When Corona Virus enters the body, it stays into the throat for some days. At that time, a person may feel a problem-related to cough, cold or problems in breathing. In such cases, you can fight with this problem on your level.

Corona Virus – Things to Have Knowledge of

1. Try to use warm water instead of a colder one.

2. Make sure to gargle twice a day with warm water. If possible, put some amount of salt into it.

3. There is a natural ingredient called ‘Kalonji’. It proves to be a small black seed used for different methods. You can use it with water or honey. Kalonji proves to be warm in nature. That’s why it helps to fight with the viruses that have entered into the throat. You can also take help from date palms as it contains the same nature.

4. Make sure to take care of complete hygiene. Cleanliness is one of the important aspects that can get put you away from conditions like the Corona Virus.


In this present situation where people are hustle and bustle in their life, try not to perform anything that can cost you badly. Through this platform, we want to aware people regarding this terrible condition. For the world, you are just a person. But for your family, your life means a lot to them.

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