Fat burning: where does body fat go that you burn?

I was curious about what exactly happens to the fat that you lose during weight loss, so I started investigating fat burning or body fat burning. If you say that you are “burning” fat, then that description is correct. Fat can serve as a fuel for your body to keep all cells and processes going so that you can keep moving and your organs working.

Burning body fat is difficult & inefficient

Fat is broken down by a complex system (fatty acid metabolism/lipid metabolism) in your body before it can actually be used as fuel. And there is precisely the problem that you will soon encounter when trying to lose weight …

It is much easier for your body to use carbohydrates (and to lesser extent proteins) as fuel. The physiological, biochemical systems for using these substances as fuel are much simpler and work much more efficiently than what you can use to burn fat.

Body fat burning is, therefore, not as easy as it may sound. Body fat is not just thrown on a stove and heated up but goes through countless metabolic processes …

Long training & tempering heart rate

That is why you have to train (somewhat dependent on the exact training form) for so long before your body fat is actually burned. This is partly due to the oxygen supply: aerobic versus anaerobic training.

As is often claimed, fat burning does NOT necessarily start after 20 minutes of cardio fitness at a moderate pace and moderate-intensity; fat provides if the effort is not too heavy for (a part of) the required energy; this can therefore also be the case from the beginning of your training. It is, therefore, particularly important that your heart rate is increased, but not too high. If body fat burning is your goal, you must, therefore, maintain an optimal heart rate for fat burning. (source)

Water + carbon dioxide

It is easy to see where fat is accumulating: a blubbing belly, big buttocks, multiple lower chins, and, moreover, flubber arms! Then you start eating healthier and exercise more … and you lose fat in this way. But have you ever thought about what exactly happens to the fat – which used to be like a pool around your belly ?

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More information about fat deposits

There are still weight-loss gurus who say that with their diet or training program, you can burn belly fat locally as if it was dripping on the outside. Scientific evidence contradicts these promising claims (unfortunately!). For example, MRI, CT, and DEXA scans do not show any results when it comes to burning local fat. That is why here four correct statements regarding fat loss …

1. You cannot change shape

Burning body fat burning fat You cannot choose where your fat accumulates, and you cannot choose where your body burns fat. You can only choose which muscles you use. These muscles will grow, but the fat will stay around it until your body uses it and uses it as fuel. Means and methods that promise that you burn local fat are by definition nonsense.

2. Once a pear, always a pear

A pear-shaped woman who loses weight remains pear-shaped. It only becomes a more refined pear. You always lose proportionally, whether you are training your abdomen, neck, ankles, or big toe. When you then arrive again, the fat also distributes itself in the same way and in the same proportions as it used to be.

3. You lose fat proportionally & proportionally

In general, we lose fat evenly & proportionally distributed throughout the body … Everywhere as much, but proportionally! Where you lose the most fat depends on where the most fat has accumulated. The place where you have the most fat is, therefore, the place where the first fat disappears, but also the place where the last fat disappears.

4. Where is that fat?

The fat that we eat is stored in the fat cells in the form of triglycerides. The fat is then released when it is needed elsewhere in the body. The triglycerides are then converted to glycerol and fatty acids. These substances are absorbed through the blood by the liver, kidneys, and muscles and are mainly used as fuel. Finally, waste products that leave the body via urine, perspiration, and breathing.

Tips for burning body fat!

Body fat does not disappear on its own, and we, unfortunately, an experience that literally firsthand. To burn stored body fat, you need to eat well and train regularly. Good food is important not to store too much fat and to have enough energy to eat fully.