How to Choose Your Coffee

If you are new to the world of coffee, the choices available can feel overwhelming. The names of coffee varieties can leave you feeling just as confused. There are a lot of different tastes, hints, and notes you can get from a cup of coffee. You can also find that it can change based on where and when it is produced. Taking time to understand more about coffee and understand what you like and want will help you to choose a coffee variety and even a country of origin that you are happy with. This guide is here to help you with this.

Learn About Bean Varieties

There are four main varieties that you will want to explore. They are Arabica, Excelsa, Liberica and Robusta. Learning about what each variety of beans can offer you is important, as the bean will dictate the taste. To understand more about beans and varieties, you need to visit the Coffee Bros website, and this is because The Coffee Bros have put together a useful review section, as well as a full rundown of bean varieties. Visiting this site and improving your knowledge of coffee beans will help you decide which type you want to try first. You may find that you want to try Robusta beans because of their stronger taste or Arabica if you are after a sweeter or nuttier flavor.

Country of Origin

Coffee is produced all over the world. However, not all coffee beans are of the best quality, and not all of them produce delicious-tasting coffee. You may find that some coffee originates in Colombia, while varieties of coffee can originate from Costa Rica. Some coffee can originate in one country but be packed and produced in another. A lot of the labeling you will see on any packet or jar of coffee is quite easy to read, and it should specify where it has been produced and packed. This is important if you care about the air miles your coffee has had to undergo to get into your cup.

Brewing Method

Now you know a little bit more about the bean varieties and the countries of origin too. But do you know how you want to brew your coffee? To answer this question, you must think about how much time you have to space each day. For example, if you are in a rush, would you prefer to brew coffee grinds in a cafetiere? Or do you want to brew coffee through a filter or through a fine mesh? Remember that a lot of the enjoyment you get from a cup of coffee can come from how it is produced.

Taste Testing

To get the right coffee you need to indulge in a taste test or two! You may not find the variety or bean that suits you to begin with. Some may be too harsh or nutty for your palette. Trial and error and a lot of taste testing will help you to find the coffee you love. This then means you can enjoy at least one cup of your new favorite every day.