Top 7 Best Event Ticketing Software Tools For Nonprofits

Sometimes event planning can be exhausting if you don’t have a proper action plan or coordinators. To host any kind of event, be it hybrid, virtual, in-person, conferences, expos, and tradeshows you need Event ticketing software tools to make the process simpler.

Whether it’s a non-profit organization or a trade show, event ticketing and registration software assist in getting the whole setup for event management. It enables you to save time and energy while streamlining your event by making it more productive and creating the best experiences.

Event ticketing software tools create customized mobile applications, microsites, websites and many other personalized features as per the requirements.

In this blog, we are going to review the top 7 best event ticketing software tools. So without further ado let’s discuss:

Top 7 Event Ticketing Software Tools

Here are the top seven event ticketing tools you should opt for in your event management to make every in-person, conference and hybrid virtual events stand out of the box:


Dreamcast is an in-one event-tech suite with over 12+ years of experience. It delivers a range of solutions such as in-person events, hybrid virtual events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and webinars. Dreamcast offers seamless features for your event registration that will make your event dynamic, interactive and more engaging. Also, it offers products like DC Smart Event Registration, DC Cashless, DC 121, DC Webinar, DC Connect and DC Event App. It has an easy-to-use user interface with high customization features and provides free trials for every category plan such as standard, premium and personalized plan

Dreamcast services also offer 100% personalized event platforms, custom-made mobile event apps for conferences, in-person events, and hybrid & virtual events. Additionally, it provides insightful data analysis, microsite, third-party integrations, and even live commerce features along with automation features. This event ticketing software claims to provide quick on-ground event registration with budget-friendly solutions. End-to-end user encryption is one of the best features of Dreamcast for event organizers to maintain the privacy of their events.


Tixily is a comprehensive event ticketing software designed to streamline the event organizing process. It allows event organizers to easily manage ticket sales and registration with event scheduling. It is known for its user-friendly interface, which enables event planners to quickly set up and personalize their event branding, pricing and other related details of the event.

With Tixily, you can have powerful tools, insight and analytics to help planners to keep track of event performance. Tixily only has one drawback, lack of mobile app support as it causes bugs and lags sometimes. The pricing features of Tixily are quite affordable and based on your event plan.


Eventbrite is one of the popular leading event ticketing software for managing all the essential management tools for your event. Eventbrite software focuses on community, cultural, and commercial events and other small business meetings. It allows event organizers to promote their event and engage the audience with fun activities with its unique features. It makes the event ticketing system much easier for the users and planners. Eventbrite also provides a customised mobile app for in-person events, conferences and other big events too.

Also, it offers third-party integrations for better ticketing experiences. Eventbrite lacks editing capabilities and asks for the refilling of details for any new event.

Webex Event

Webex Event (formerly socio) is the all-in-one event ticketing software for hybrid, virtual and in-person events. It provides comprehensive features like games and sponsorship showcases to keep the audience engaged. Webex event ticketing software provides various features like live streaming, accessibility tools, gamification, video breakout games, networking, security, branding & customization and data insights. Webex enables an easy-to-use interface for the audience. The front and back ends are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, it provides a personalized event ticketing app as per the requirements.

Cvent Event Management

Cvent management is another event ticketing software. It provides a one-stop solution for your whole event management from start to finish. Cevent offers software solutions to event planners, and marketers for online event registrations, for onsite events, to manage attendee engagements. It also provides marketing and venue management along with exchange solutions. Mostly known for its excellent features for private and confidential event access.

Cvent ticketing software offers products such as event registration, attendee hub web, webinar platform, badge printing, and venue sourcing. It assists in making customized mobile event app solutions for conferences, hybrid events and on-ground events. Cevent provides the best customer service experience for better follow-up plans.


Bizzabo, one of the trending event registration software offers solutions for virtual events, hybrid events, webinars and in-person events. Bizzabo event software offers OS data-rich open platform that makes event planners organize their events hassle-free. It gives details of attendee engagement, attendee highlights & insights, and active communities to deliver the best outcome from the event.

Bizzabo is popular for its best website/ microsite building feature for the event registration & ticketing process. Also, it has the best back-end experiences for event organizers and it is mostly considered for organizing virtual events.


Eventzilla is the all-in-one platform for event marketing and event ticketing & registration that assists event planners to create branded event websites/microsites. You can use this platform to sell tickets, manage attendees, payment processing and promote your event. Eventzilla works best in a personalized mobile event app for conferences, member events, training events, road shows, alumni events and sports events.

Eventzilla allows you to integrate with third parties for better experiences. Also, it offers features such as badge printing, event agenda builder with multiple tracks, Kiosk self-service check-in features and best automation features.

The Bottom Line

In the above blog, we reviewed the top 7 best event ticketing software tools for any kind of event such as in-person, non-profit organization events, conferences, trade shows, expos and hybrid & virtual events. Research and select the best event ticketing software that meets your needs. Hope you learned something useful from this blog do share this blog with someone who needs this information. Thank you for reading!