Travel Guide to Ananthagiri Hills

The recently framed state in India, Telangana, is no place denied of appealing delights. Be it concerning exact spots or any everyday wonder, Telangana leaves behind a few states in the race of the travel industry. Being the capital city and perhaps the most seasoned area, Hyderabad is the most visited city in Telangana. In any case, there are a few spots around Hyderabad that are yet left to be investigated appropriately. 

One such spot is Ananthagiri Hills, the enchanting slope station with thick timberlands, old caverns, and certain sanctuaries. Wouldn’t you very much want to investigate this neglected wonder of nature? Peruse on to find out about Ananthagiri Hills.

Situated in the Vikarabad region and a good way off of around 80 km from Hyderabad, Ananthagiri Hills is a slight slope station concealed in the thick backwoods of Telangana. It is well known for its rich fields and beautiful magnificence among unique explorers. Being the place where there are thick timberlands and transcending slopes, it likewise offers a few chances for setting up camp and journeying in and around the locale.

 Ananthagiri Hills is the beginning of the Mushi waterway, a feeder of the Krishna stream and goes through Hyderabad. According to nearby legends, it is said that Ananthagiri Hills is one of the most established occupied places in Telangana, and the presence of a few demolished old caverns and landmarks unquestionably grandstands its age.

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The magnificence of the Forest

We could hear the peeping of the birds just as shouts of peacocks. Various types of birds are noticeable around here. Peacocks can likewise be seen. We were generally traveling on plain terrains of the timberland, which was very fun in itself. Notwithstanding, we were anxious to get a top perspective on the Valley. The most fantastic aspect of the path through the woods was that no guide or course showed you any class.

 You make your specific manner and persuade an opportunity to be lost in the forested areas. The woodland isn’t that thick that you will get lost! In an undertaking to zest up our experience, we chose to move up an uneven incline to get a view from the top.

It wasn’t fundamentally an appropriate way, and you, in a real sense, creep uphill getting hold of tree limbs or stones. When you arrive at the top, you understand that the arduous journey was a commendable encounter. The perspective on the Valley from the top is stunning!

The perspective on the Valley from the top

The calm wind was so refreshing after the challenging undertaking. We invested very some energy at the top and afterwards plummeted and went to the Temple stopping. We spent almost 2/2.5 hrs in the forested areas. It was nearly 1:30 pm. We returned to Haritha Hotel and Restaurant for lunch. The Restaurant offered South – Indian Vegetarian nourishment for the lunch buffet. The food is very acceptable here. It is the solitary Restaurant in Ananthagiri; else, you need to go to Vikarabad to make different decisions for food. Having finished with our lunch, we walked around sometime in the Haritha Hotel complex.

The Valley sees from the posterior of the Hotel were beautiful. The smoothness of the spot and the inebriating climate made us think for some time to remain for the time being; nevertheless, then no rooms were accessible.

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Statue of Nandi in middle of Valley

From that point, we again began moving towards the Kotepalli Reservoir. We were halted by two cops on our way and educated that section to space is limited by and by because of a homicide. Thus, we needed to return tragically. It was almost 4 pm. There was not a lot left for us to do. Subsequently, we chose to begin our return excursion to Hyderabad in the wake of having our evening tea at Haritha.

The evening venture was similarly fun. However, we were a bit depleted by our entire day trekking a lot. We appreciated the nightfall on our way back to Hyderabad. An excursion is so fragmented without street-side Dhaba food. Subsequently, we chose to have food at a street dhaba. We halted by a Dhaba close to Chilkur and glutted on a chicken kebab plate, roasted rotis, dal tadka, and chicken Kadai. Food was typical Dhaba style very spicy food, which we completely delighted in. Having finished with extravagant food, we began again for Hyderabad.