10 Best Tips To Tackle Laundry Like A Pro

Laundry is a never-ending chore. You can skip it on to the net day, but you can never outrun it. Although it is among the most tedious task, it is also essential for your clothes and laundry. But removing a stubborn stain or cleaning a white cloth can give you a headache. In the tech world, some laundry services are working on laundry app development to take direct orders. But here are some hacks & tips that can help you breeze through the laundry like a boss.

Tip 1: Don’t Wash Them Regularly

The most exciting way of doing laundry is avoiding it. Well, jokes apart, this is one of the essential tips. You don’t have to wash the clothes often. Some clothing items like shirts or jeans can survive few outings without going into a washing machine. Also, sweaters and jackets shouldn’t be washed regularly. Else they will get tints on the surface. So you need to know the fabric of the clothing before washing them. 

Tip 2: Make A Group 

You have to divide the clothing into three groups depending on their color. The three groups: light, dark, and mixture, must be washed separately. This way, you can save light-coloured clothing. This will take few effort, but it is worth the try. You can maintain separate buskets for sorting the clothes. This way, you can put the clothes in these buskets every day so that you can take a sigh of relief on the laundry day. 

Tip 3: The Care Labels

Every clothing items need some pampering. That means you have to wash every clothe differently. There are care labels at the back of every piece of clothing. Please read the label carefully before stuffing it in the washing machine. If the title says “dry clean only”, it can’t be washed in the machine. Some fabric can only be washed gently by hands, so make sure they don’t get mixed. There are labels about the drying process too.

Tip 4: Clean Stains Instantly

You can’t be lazy with the stains. Stain can stay on your clothes forever. Some items are readily available in any household, like soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, etc. These items are convenient in cleaning a stain. Clean the stain straight away without wasting any time.

Tip 5: Vinegar The Whitener

It’s a home remedy to keep the white clothing fresh and new. Adding a spoonful of white vinegar to the machine with your white dress can give a spark to your white clothes. It can bring life back to your old white clothing. This tip is easy to use. 

Tip 6: The Right Detergent And Fabric Conditioner

A detergent can either give you a perfect wash or can ruin the fabric of the clothes. Selecting the suitable detergent is therefore very important. Biological detergents can be too harsh on some materials. On the contrary, non-biological detergents can be a good option for delicate clothing items. Detergent comes in many forms, but liquid or powder form is cost-effective. Also, don’t overuse the detergent as it can be harmful to the clothing. Just like a conditioner for hair, a fabric conditioner also adds a bit of smoothness to the dress.

Tip 7: Clean The Machine

You are cleaning a machine that is used for washing clothes? Seriously? Well, yes, you have to clean the washing machine to maintain the functionality of it. You have to clean the left behind pieces of fabric, soaps/detergent, and dirt. This can enhance the efficiency of your machine. You can also clean the dryer to make it more effective. 

Tip 8: Don’t Leave Clothes In Washer

You can’t leave clothes damped in the machine. It will give a terrible odor. Therefore, take clothes out of the machine as soon as possible. 

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Tip 9: Iron

Washing is not the only thing to maintain the quality of the clothes. You also have to Iron them after each wash. Wrinkled clothing gives a wrong impression. Hence it very important to iron clothes like shirts, trousers, and dresses. Check the labels before proceeding further. 

Tip 10: Keep Your Clothing

All the cleaning and drying part is over, and you are probably tired now. But there is this last task left. Instead of filling the drawers from top to bottom, align them from front to back. It is an easier way to keep the clothing in a tidy and systematic manner. 


Congratulations, you have completed this task like a pro. We all know how hectic laundry can be, but the tips shared above can permanently save you from annoying situations. You can browse this site whenever the laundry day is coming and protect yourself from creating a nuisance.