Special & Unique Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan That Will Take Your Celebrations On Next Level!

Just because you are homebound doesn’t mean your Rakhi deserves to be any less special as we have reached that time of the year where the festive time has begun. One of the most beautiful celebrations- that of the great bond between a sister and brother- Raksha Bandhan, is just around the corner! Though the year has been challenging, we never thought the shops and streets that usually remain crowded at this time, flooded with Pooja Thalis, Rakhis, will be muted this year. But does that at all mean we should give up on grand celebrations this day? Of course not! Let’s all keep our spirits high and make this Raksha Bandhan a memorable one! The unsurpassed bond between siblings is extremely special, and they might bicker all day, but their care and love for each other are simply unconditional. It’s that time of the year when brothers are hunting for that perfect gift; sisters are in constant search of beautiful rakhis! You can ditch those cliche and routine approaches of giving gifts; this year, you can also send Raksha Bandhan quotes to your brothers and sisters. So, to celebrate the festival, do you know what we have got in the box for you? Scroll down to find innovative ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan!

Unique Ideas To Make The Occasion Even More Special!

The relation between a sister and a brother is known to be quite great. fight this Raksha Bandhan, go a little step further and make this occasion even more special! A fun and silly fight will be handing on the sweet memories wall forever and you can also share Raksha Bandhan Images & Quotes. Share with your sister & brother.

Walk down memory lane.

You should flip the pages, brush off the dust and transport yourself back to your beautiful childhood when you used to fight over chocolates, used to play games, and eat ice cream together. If, as adults, you have grown a little apart, this activity will bring back all your old memories, fill your eyes, and fill your hearts with emotions! Make sure you have tissue paper as you are bound to get emotional!

Cook together

Cooking together is super fun and does not require much investment of time too! Both the siblings can go to the kitchen, chop veggies, hunt for spices and cook together with their favourite dishes. This is probably one of the best ways to bond and increases productivity in partnership. You can try listening to these Rakhi songs while cooking, this will certainly help in making the celebration memorable.

Surprise Visit

Both brothers and sisters are living far away from each other; any one of them can pay a surprise visit for the Rakhi celebration. It’s one of the unique ways and then knocks on the door and yes don’t forget to hug!

Movie Marathon

You can flip with each other over a great movie marathon session. Some of the most amazing Bollywood sister-brother themed centred movies you would watch are Raksha Bandhan, Dil Dhadakne Do, Hum Sath Sath Hain, Pyar Kia to Darna kya, etc. These movies depict the true essence of the beautiful bond between sisters and brothers that are sure to make you emotional and warm. You can also arrange for some interesting snacks to make the session even more interesting.

Make something handmade

Handmade gifts are always amazing! They symbolize affection, effort, and love poured by you into it! Even with a lot of flaws, handcrafted gifts are always treasured. Don’t worry if you are not crafty enough; it’s still simple to find simple DIY ideas from online resources like YouTube videos!

Make gifts personalized

Rather than something off-the-shelf, a personalized gift shows how great your efforts are taken by you. There are a lot of online and offline stores that offer services by which you can add a meaningful message, add a photo to items such as mugs, frames. You can also gift rakhi jewellery bearing his name or initials!

Play games together

You can also play games together and recreate those memories by fighting them over plotting chess and video games. For those who prefer playing Ludo, Chinese checkers, scrabble is fine as long as you do it together. Keep a penalty like the one who loses who can treat you for shopping, lunch, and movie!

Feel good and do good!

Every year on Raksha Bandhan, you give gifts and sweets to each other, and it feels good, right? Be a great sister-brother pair and do some good charity and donations this Raksha Bandhan. You can visit an old-age home or an orphanage where you can celebrate the occasion there! When you do good, you will feel very good adding a touch of humanity to Rakhi!

Make This Raksha Bandhan Unforgettably Special For Your Brother

So, I hope now you all know how to make the Raksha Bandhan celebration memorable, and it does not seem that difficult now! Though staying indoors is what we have to do amid the Coronavirus pandemic, make sure you follow the rules and celebrate the festival awesomely!