What Does It Cost To Hire Shopify Experts?

Shopify is one of the most popular E-Commerce platform for those who wish to have their own online web store all set-up. It is used by businesses of all sizes from small to large organizations to sell their goods & services and products online. But the question remains is that how much exactly does it cost to hire a dedicated Shopify developer in India?

Shopify is the easiest tool among other E-Commerce platforms with a wide range of tools that are helpful for your business to grow over the internet. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily set up your own web store and get started with it. But of you wish to have a bigger brand then you will have to hire Shopify expert developers to make sure your brand stands out from the rest.

Oftentimes it happens that some sellers lack the knowledge about Shopify in some technical areas which becomes a more difficult task to handle than just creating the web stores. In this scenario they will need a Shopify expert developer to assist them in those technical areas.

The Shopify experts are the developers, designers, consultants who have knowledge about different fields. According to your needs, you can hire those experts and they can assist you in many tasks such as setting up your web store, setting themes for your store, SEO & marketing, etc.


It depends on the financial circumstances and your needs of the Shopify web store. You will have to choose one Shopify plan which comes with certain features. You also have to pay for the domain registration charges. You can get assistance from you Shopify website developers to give you some insights into the matter of costs for your web store. Here are some of the factors that ass to cost of hiring Shopify experts:

  • One of the factors is the location of the Shopify developers. The cost that is charged by those developers vary according to their locations. For example, the cost of a developer who lives in the USA will be different than the developer who lives in India.
  • Another factor is the complexity level of your project. The complexity of the project has a major impact on the cost you pay for hiring Shopify experts for your online web store. It depends on the kind of online store you wish to have. Whether it’s a fully customized one or the features or functionalities or it’s a small or medium project.
  • Another factor that adds to the cost of hiring Shopify experts is the duration of the project. You can hire Shopify developers for a decent cost for the long term projects but if you have some urgent needs then the cost gets more and more.
  • One of the factors is the experience of the Shopify developer. According to the specifics of your project, that is, the cost will vary if you want a front end developer, a full stack developer or a back end developer. All these factors add to the cost of hiring Shopify experts.
  • Other obvious factor depends on the kind of developers you hire. Hiring a Shopify E-Commerce web development company can cost you more than an individual Shopify developer will cost you.


  • Although some of the best Shopify experts have their own price rates but still there are some of the developers who offer the costs based on hourly rates. If you need a fully customized online web store then the Shopify experts can cost up to $1500 and upwards.
  • If you are not in a need for a bigger project then you can also hire experts on an hourly basis. The experts on an hourly basis can cost you up to $25 and upwards in a country like the United States or Canada. For the Shopify experts from Asian countries it can go up to $50 per hour and for senior Shopify experts, it can go up to $150 and upwards.
  • The cost keeps going upwards according to what your project demands. The bigger you project is, the higher your costs will be. For example, if you are planning to build a web store with advanced features and more complexities then the cost of hiring Shopify experts can go from $1500 to $10,000 and upwards.


It can be a difficult task to find the most deserving Shopify developers for your project. You need developers depending on your budget and you want your project to be built in the most efficient manner. Here are the ways you can find right Shopify experts:

  • You can contact to the other entrepreneurial groups to know about the right candidates for your project. They can help you with what you need and they can also assist you in pointing out the errors of the ones they are suggesting. You have to constantly research about the candidates that you have shortlisted instead of just depending on what the entrepreneurial groups suggested you.
  • Shopify offers you a Shopify Expert Directory with the help of which you can select those experts whom you find a suitable choice for your project’s demand. The Shopify expert directory gives you the facility to search for the Shopify experts by putting the filters. These filters let you search for the candidates based on the geographical regions.
  • After making a list of shortlisted candidates, arrange an interview for them so that it gives you clear insights of the Shopify experts. Make a list of questions related to your project and also the latest technologies related to Shopify. Interviewing the candidates also gives you the clear insights of their ability of communicating. Hire the most dedicated Shopify Experts.

Do proper research before hiring the best Shopify expert for your online web store. There are many factors as mentioned above that affect to the cost of hiring dedicated Shopify developers. Depending on your budget, you have to select the best ones so that you can have a web store to grow your business online. If you want to have an online web store with the best customized features then Codenance is the perfect stop for you. At Codenance, you get the most dedicated development resource team which provides you with the best solutions for your project.