What You Need to Create Your Own Movie

If you are passionate about the entertainment world, why let others control the TV shows and movies that you watch? Instead, you should consider creating the entertainment you want to see, especially if you believe there is a market gap that you think should be filled. If you want to put your movie maker’s hat on, here is what you need to create your own movie.

A Camera

The most vital piece of equipment that you will need to make your own movie is a camera, even if this is a simple home video camera that has been sitting in the back of your closet for years. However, by investing in a state-of-the-art camera that has been designed to make movies, you will be able to get the clarity of shots you need and the wide range of settings you want to play with if you want to create high-quality and professional-grade movies. You should look around at the best cameras in the industry and look into the types of cameras that other moviemakers are currently using that you admire and are inspired by.


Although you might not believe that makeup is incredibly important, and you might simply be planning to use normal makeup for your actors, you might not always want your actors to look their best when making a movie. Sometimes, you will need to create monsters, injuries, or unusual facial features, and you will be unable to do this with regular makeup or face paint. Instead, you will need special FX makeup that can realistically turn your actors into whatever you wish them to be. Special DX makeup looks great on camera and can ensure that your movie looks as if no expense was spared. You should consider looking around for great FX special effects makeup online to ensure you are ready for any type of movie you intend to shoot. Special effects makeup is especially important if you are shooting certain genres, such as fantasy or horror.

Movie Editing Software

Even the best-shot movies will need to be edited, though, simply because you will usually have an assortment of different takes that you will have to cut and edit to make them perfect, string them together, and tell the story. You should consider looking around for movie editing software that you can trust and that has all the features you need. If you are just starting out in the movie-making world, you might decide to opt for free or more basic editing software that can give you a chance to get to grips with all its functions before you decide to splash out on a pricier alternative. This software can make or break the success of your movie, though. So you must teach yourself how to use this software through movie-making classes or online tutorials.

A Tripod

Although some movie makers decide to opt for a handheld camera effect, you do not want this to be your only choice. You should make sure that you invest in a tripod for your camera that can keep it steady and at the right height. This will enable you to create your shot and ensure that your actors are constantly in the camera’s frame. A tripod will ensure that you have your hands free to play with your camera settings, direct the movie in question, and ensure that your camera is kept safe and secure throughout the shoot.


Although you might be set on using natural lighting, this is not always possible, depending on the weather conditions. Even in perfect weather, you might still need lighting to stop shadows from falling in the wrong place and ensure the scene shows up on camera. If a scene is too bright, then it will look unnatural, but if it is too dark then the audience won’t be able to see what is happening on screen, it is a very careful balance you need to get right. You should look at the many different options for lighting that movie makers have, including tungsten, LED, or fluorescent lights. You will also need to use a reflector to amplify natural lighting if the location you are filming in only needs a little more light. A lighting stand so that you can place the lights wherever you want them, and at whatever height they need to be to capture the scene perfectly.


You also need to think carefully about sound. For instance, you may need to invest in microphones, especially wireless microphones, as well as audio recorders and the top headphones on the market. You might also need to invest in a boom pole to allow you to control the sound you record. You should also download sound editing software so that you will be able to ensure that the other elements hear your actors and sounds of the movie while it is being shot.