Can You Still Get Pregnant If the Semen Comes Out?

It all seemed so simple to the pre-teen birds & bees that spoke to each other. Pregnancy & intercourse. Each one was very straightforward, right? (Was it because you were eager for the discussion to be over?) Whichever the case may be, you were confident in your knowledge. 

The urge to regulate the size of your household is becoming a more serious matter as you’ve entered a different point in your life; then, maybe so many questions have come to your mind. Is it possible to get conceived if the semen exits the vagina but does not remain there? It’s not only about the pull-out procedure, either! 

No matter how much semen & semen you expel from your vagina, you may indeed become pregnant. Now you must be thinking, how much semen does it take to get pregnant? Are you interested in learning more? Keep on reading –

What can be the reason behind the semen coming out from the uterus after intercourse? 

Knowing the difference between semen & semen can help you comprehend how it’s possible to bleed out semen after intercourse but get pregnant. 

Semen is a type of fluid that comes out from the penis, & semen seem to be the cells in semen that fertilize egg cells inside a lady. semen and body fluids combine to form semen whenever a male is excited. The semen looks like a thick cheese or soft white texture.

Many physiological secretions aid the survival of semen cells on their path to find the egg cell. Prostatic fluids, seminal fluid, & bulbourethral fluid all have a purpose in neutralizing the vaginal acidity (to lubricate the penis). 

So, how much semen & semen are emitted into the environment? 

An estimate of 1 tsp or 4 milliliters of semen is produced whenever a penis cums, as per the WHO. This can vary from 1.2 to 7.6 milliliters depending on the individual’s health as well as the time since their last ejaculation. 

Can you get pregnant if you wipe semen inside you? 

You may also have questioned if going to the restroom, douching, or just walking around shortly after intercourse may differ the possibilities of getting pregnant if you wish to get babies or not. Indeed, there must be a way to get the semen to swim upstream or keep them from doing so? 

Peeing after an intercourse act –

After a sexual encounter, walking to the restroom to clean it up or urinate will have no effect on your ability to conceive later in the relationship. 

This is due to the fact that even if you peed seconds after having intercourse, the urethral release of pee will not wash semen out from the vaginal cavity. The urine and semen both come out from the urethra and go to the vaginal duct. It doesn’t matter what it takes in one of these openings because it won’t affect the other. 

After having intercourse, what to do if semen went inside and you start to feel bloated? 

As a technique of pregnancy control, douching Trusted Source has now been related to an increased risk of infertility. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, consult a doctor about the best ways to do it safely and effectively. 

In addition to becoming a poor means of birth control, dousing can raise the chance of infection. Douching should be avoided at all costs, even if you have no intention of getting pregnant in the near future. Negative impacts outweigh any potential health advantages. 

How to stop semen from reaching the egg?

Moving shortly after intercourse, unlike urinating & dousing, has a less clear answer about whether it enhances your chances of getting pregnant. The proven technology of reproduction often makes the users the priority of this study. 

After semen is inserted via intrauterine insemination, it should not be important if you stay in the lying position for an extended period of time (IUI). After IUI, a 15-minute remain put after intercourse has been shown to boost the probability of conception. 

You shouldn’t have to bother about waiting for hours after engaging in sexual activity because the women in these trials didn’t spend more than 30 to 45 minutes relaxing. 


So much time is spent debating the best time to start a family and how many children to have. Because getting pregnant is probably not something you want to do on the spur of the moment, keep in mind that even though most of the semen is expelled or never enters the uterus, you could become pregnant if they come into touch with the vaginal opening. 

In the end, it all gets down to one normal semen encountering an egg cell, even if your concerns about intercourse are more nuanced now than they had been before you even learned about birds & bees.