How to Clean Up After Intercourse

After a sexual encounter, there isn’t much that needs to be done. Sex is a naturally messy affair, with kissing, sweating, as well as other physiological fluids showing up during intercourse or outer course. 

The likelihood of getting something from spots to watermarks on your spouse, your bed, and wherever you choose to have intercourse is high. 

If you’ve just had intercourse, your initial instinct may be to get out of bed and start cleaning up the mess you made. 

There are no medical grounds which we are conscious of for someone to require a unique post-intercourse hygiene practice,” says Anne Hodder, a Los Angeles-based, multi-certified sex educator. 

Of course, a variety of factors come into play here, including the nature of the interaction, your personal hygiene requirements, as well as the likelihood of contracting an infection. So, even though there doesn’t seem to be a medical need to hop in the shower after a romp, this is still a good idea to plan ahead. 

Your greatest pressing post-intercourse hygiene concerns are addressed in the following article: 

How do I clean my genitals after having intercourse?

Actually, the inquiry is a ruse. There is no such thing as a clean vaginal out. Even when there is Semen in the vagina, it is completely good at cleaning itself after intercourse. 

after Intercourse

Let the vagina do its own cleansing by simply rinsing the vulva. Keep odourless baby wipes available if you are sensitive to the aroma of baby wipes. 

A towel can be handy to place under you if the heat and weight of the situation become unbearable. Fluids may seep through your top sheet if you rely solely on it. 

Is it necessary to urinate quickly after a sexual encounter? 

Even if it’s a hassle to take a shower after a nice intercourse session, you can reduce your risk of bacterial vaginosis or UTI by peeing instead. 

Many people swear by this practice, despite the fact that studies on it are scant or show no meaningful evidence. 

According to one notion, any bacteria that may have been brought into the urethral throughout intercourse will be washed out with the fluids as well. 

You and the urethra ought to be alright as long as you urinate within a decent amount of time (there really is no fixed limit, but thirty min is a realistic approximation). 

One most important thing that you should not miss is that you should keep a bottle of water in front of your bed. Before and after a sexual encounter, drink the water to make your body completely hydrated. Drink it whenever the body needs it, whether that’s before, through, or after intercourse. It is a very important tip that you should’ve forgotten.

After anal intercourse, what’s the next step? 

Microscopic rips in the sphincter can be caused by anesthetic intercourse. Your tears might be infected with an infection-causing bacteria via the anus (which includes fecal waste). 

Take a shower right away if you’ve just had an anal session. Your vaginal area should also be cleaned to remove any remaining bacteria. 

If you have foreskin on your penis, be sure to draw it back so you can thoroughly clean the whole penis. Semen can dry out or become infected under the skin, which is common. 

The clitoral hood should be lifted toward the belly button to cleanse the vaginal folds of people with a clitoris. Gentle soap or washing wipes and or EPA Registered Disinfectant Wipes like those from Good Love, can be used to remove makeup. It’s preferable to avoid getting any soap on your genitals. 

When it comes to intercourse toys, how do you do it right? 

Make absolutely sure you & your lover clean your intercourse toys. Additionally, this will keep your teeth clean and prepared for your next visit, as well as ensure that they’re in peak condition. 

The question is, how do you get them clean? 

“Depending on the material it’s made of, or whether or not it has a movement or battery, each intercourse toy will have distinct instructions,”  

John adds

It is possible to clean silver gold silicone goods using a dishwasher or boiling water. 

Return to your bed to get ready for round 2

Don’t spend too much time cleaning up after intercourse because that’s when you & your lover have the best connection and experience the most pleasure from the feel-good endogenous opioids rush. 

To rest in your natural form, post-intercourse, with all of your biological fluids is entirely OK. In addition, you never know. It could make you more willing to have a second round of morning intercourse with me! 

You should also inquire about your mate’s preferences. When it comes to talking about intercourse, it’s understandable if someone is embarrassed or has been trained one way but not the other.