Cook Special: Yummy Diwali Recipes You Must Try

From wonderfully illuminated roads to little pixie lights winning our hearts to the embodying fragrance of desi ghee ladoos and mithai, the arrangements for the greatest celebration has started with playing best diwali songs and it is difficult to think about this celebration of joy and amiability without referencing of some liberal rarities that have been a quintessential piece of our culinary culture. 

This year Diwali will be commended on second November 2021 and in the event that you actually haven’t focused in and begun planning for the celebrations of lights and flavors, then, at that point, here are some simple yet scrumptious diwali recipes, which you can get ready for the celebration and appreciate with your friends and family with beautiful images of diwali.


A firm and fiery samosa is something to which no one can say no to! It very well may be the ideal nibble for you for this merry event. Along these lines, in the event that you are hosting a little Diwali get-together at your place, you should serve ‘chai-samosa’ to your visitors! Try not to stand by any longer, simply proceed to make this heavenly recipe by following the simple steps.

Aloo Bonda

This streetside nibble from South India will unquestionably charm your taste buds! The flavorful potato stuffing inside the brilliant fresh covering of gram flour makes this recipe an unquestionable requirement to go after everybody! From a little social gathering to a huge party, remember to remember this recipe for the menu!


Murukku, which is a famous South Indian bite, is made with the decency of rice flour. It is regularly known as ‘chakli’ in the Northern areas of India. You can without much of a stretch make this recipe at home with basic fixings and least exertion. This tidbit has a decent time span of usability and it very well may be put away for around 3-4 months. In this way, attempt it with your friends and family at lunch time!

Gulab Jamun

Time to include the main sweet on this rundown, which is clearly gulab jamun! You can’t envision observing Diwali without having these scrumptious khoya balls plunged in thick sugar syrup. The rich surface and yummy taste of this sweet dish can in a split second intrigue everybody!

Sooji Halwa

Sooji halwa is something which is ordinarily ready in each Indian family for exceptional events. From birthday celebrations to festivals, it is for the most part found on the supper table since everybody prefers the manner in which it tastes! Things being what they are, the reason I miss making it on Diwali? Attempt it now!

Namak Pare

Namakpare are the best pair for some hot tea! In the event that you are finished with sweet things during this merry season, this crunchy and flavorful bite is ideal for adjusting your taste! You can undoubtedly make this formula at home with basic fixings and your visitors will cherish it without a doubt.

Masala Peanuts

Back to the flavorful bites, masala peanuts are a crunchy little piece of joy! All of it will take your food experience up by a score! Along these lines, assuming you need to chomp onto something which is totally wonderful then, at that point, you should attempt this recipe! 

No matter what you decide to prepare this Diwali, any snack cooked with love and enthusiasm turns out to be well. Also, one can try from the list above if you haven’t made these dishes yet. Happy Diwali!