Nutrients That Can Help To Improve Erectile Power

As mentioned above, the causes of erection disorders include various factors, and multiple factors are intertwined to cause erection disorders.

Many men want to improve their reduced erection if possible.

This time, I will explain the diet and nutrients that can be expected to improve erectile power.

However, lifestyle-related diseases are not related to age, and in recent years, it is common for young people to cause lifestyle-related diseases.

Since most of the causes of erection disorders are lifestyle-related diseases, you will find that you need to review your diet to improve your erection.

Similarly, about improving erection power, various factors are intertwined and enhanced.

Here, we will introduce multiple nutrients that can be expected to have an effect on improving erection and also explain how they lead to improvement in erection.


Zinc, also known as a “reproductive mineral,” is often mentioned in these men hormone-related topics.

Among male hormones, zinc is an essential nutrient for increasing “testosterone, ” which is expected to improve libido and energy significantly.

Ingestion of zinc is expected to increase testosterone and improve libido, resulting in improved erectile power.


Arginine is a natural amino acid and is an essential nutrient for making “testosterone,” which is expected to increase libido and “growth hormone,” which is involved in physical development, among male hormones.

Amino acids are synthesized as proteins in the body, so they are significantly related to enzymes and hormones’ secretion.

Arginine is found in foods that are well known for improving energy, such as eel and garlic.


Citrulline is also a kind of amino acid and is a nutrient that is abundant in watermelon seeds.

Citrulline is said to be expected to increase the amount of carbon monoxide excreted in the blood.

Its action leads to vasodilation, which in turn improves blood circulation.

As I explained earlier, erection is a phenomenon that is significantly related to blood volume, so this logic is established that improvement of erection power can be expected by improving blood circulation.


Allicin is a compound derived from garlic, but it is not contained in the native garlic itself.

When tissue is destroyed by cutting garlic, allicin is synthesized by the action of enzymes in garlic.

Allicin is also known as the source of garlic odour.

In addition to its strong antibacterial and antifungal effects, it also has anti-arteriosclerosis, fat-reducing, and antioxidant effects.

These actions can be expected to be effective in improving lifestyle-related diseases.

It is a mechanism that prevents the material of testosterone produced in the adrenal glands from being oxidized by the antioxidant action. As a result, it leads to the enhancement of testosterone, Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to improve erectile power.

Foods that Improve Erection

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So far, we have carefully investigated what kind of nutrients should be taken to improve erectile power.

From here, let’s introduce the main foods that improve erection.

Please be assured that there are no unique ingredients, and we will introduce the elements that are as easy to obtain as possible.


Earlier I gave some examples of amino acids as nutrients that lead to testosterone enhancement.

It is desirable to ingest animal protein in meat to ingest “essential amino acids” that play an essential role among these amino acids.

There are two types of protein: vegetable protein in soybean and animal protein in meat such as pigs and cows. Still, vegetable protein contains almost no lysine, which is an essential amino acid.

On the other hand, animal protein contains many lysines, so when consuming protein, the animal origin should be emphasized rather than plant origin.


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Oysters are a typical food that is exceptionally high in zinc.

Zinc is so closely related to hormones that it is commonly called a “reproductive mineral.”

It is a nutrient that can be expected to promote libido due to testosterone enhancement and eventually improve erectile power.


Nuts are high in arginine.

Arginine is a nutrient that is said to have a significant effect on love hormone secretion.

Arginine is also abundant in foods expected to have a tonic effect, such as eel and garlic.


Citrulline is abundant in watermelon seeds, but it is also plentiful in watermelon skins.

Watermelons and plants of the Cucurbitaceae family (cucumbers, etc.) are contained in a large amount in the skin, so it is recommended to eat cucumbers, etc., together with the skin.

Citrulline is also said to have the function of decomposing and excreting ammonia, a fatigue substance produced by exercise.


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Garlic has an enzyme that produces allicin.

By chopping and cooking, allicin will be synthesized, which will lead to the prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases. Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 to prevent of ED.

It is also expected to enhance testosterone through its antioxidant activity, leading to improved erectile power.

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Allicin is abundant not only in garlic but also in all onions such as onions and green onions.

Therefore, onions are widely introduced as being very useful for improving erection.

There is also an ingestion method in which allicin is ingested with drinks, etc.


This time, we comprehensively explained the diet that leads to improved erection power, what causes and countermeasures for improvement and decline of erection power, and foods that lead to improvement of erection power.

If you want to improve your erection, it is essential to go to the hospital and find out the cause of your erection.

Rather than taking nutrients to improve erection power, efforts to improve eating habits and lifestyle habits to eliminate the cause of erection disorders raise expectations for a more accurate erection improvement effect.