How to Control Excessive Semen Leakage While Sleeping In Night?


Semen stands for a whitish fluid that releases from the private part. A fluid of semen is comprised of millions of sperms. Sperm can be identified as the male reproductive cell or gamete. With the help of semen, fertilization occurs inside a woman. That’s why; it proves to be an essential aspect in the life of a person.

Understanding Semen Leakage

Generally, semen discharges in cases when a person mast**b*tes. But, there can be some other events in which semen can come out. Adolescent age proves to be the initial part when different activities take place inside a body. Out of which, Semen leakage in the night can be taken as one of the examples. In medical science, it is known as nocturnal emission.

Also known as nightfall or night discharge, it proves to be a natural physiological condition that generally takes place in the early hours of the morning or late night. If Semen leakage during night happens after a specific interval, this proves to be fine. But when it excessively takes place, a person needs to worry about it.

Why Does Leakage Happen?

Why Does Leakage Happen

Wet dreams are the term given for those scenarios when a person finds himself awakens with wet clothing or bedding. They aren’t caused by mast**b*tion during sleep. They can take place without any manual stimulation. Though, it has been said that some dreams may have bad content. Normally, a person can hold the semen in a limit. And when it becomes excessive, it eliminates naturally in the form of Semen leakage or nightfall.

Symptoms and Causes

This condition may happen due to weakness in the muscles and nerves of the private part. If a person has a bad history of extreme mast**b*tion, thinning of semen viscosity, variation in hormones and a full bladder, he can experience too much Semen leakage.

Some symptoms following extreme semen flow and nightfall can be dizziness, insomnia, weaker s**x*al capacity, loss of memory and sight, stress, erectile dysfunction, and even fertility.

Options to Stop Excessive Semen Leakage

Firstly, the point which needs to clear is that nightfall can’t be controlled or stopped as they are natural occurrences. A person isn’t required to feel ashamed about having such things. They are helpful to our body if takes place in a limit. Like, they assist to lessen excess Semen in the testicles. They prove to be a source for testicles to remove older Semen and help with the formation of new and healthy Semen in the body. But remember, excessive Semen leakage is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Available Treatments

One of the finest options for this condition can be consulting with a specialist doctor. He may prescribe some medications to handle the problem. But, if you want to fight it on your own, there will be a requirement of making some modifications to the lifestyle activities.


Firstly, try not to mast**b*te as it can prove to be a dreadful outcome. Also, stop exploring bad visuals. We can be entertained by these activities for a matter of some minutes or hours. But, on a serious note, they can prove harmful to the well-being of our bodies.

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Exercise, Yoga, and Meditation

Make sure to indulge in some healthy activities like exercise and yoga. With their help, you can make control on mind and body. Meditation also assists in boosting concentration and control of inner feelings. These things are effective in controlling nightfall and avoidance of excessive Semen leakage. 

Foods That Can Help

Nature has given so many measures to get rid of different problems. In cases of controlling nightfall, try to use onions, garlic, gooseberry or Amla, as they are natural helpful ways. Drinking the juice of Bottle Guard, celery and Fenugreek can also prove helpful in nightfall.

You can also take help from milk with a combination of pre-soaked banana, ginger, and almonds. Curd, which is a milk-based item, can moreover be used.  Also, make sure to avoid acidic food and eat healthy food. Fruits that help build immunity can also cost you something good.