How SEO Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

In the life of a website, SEO is an extremely important activity. More and more professionals are specializing in this field since without it website traffic would be greatly reduced.

But what does SEO look like, what do you have to do in practice, and how does it contribute to increasing your conversion rate? We’ll respond to these queries in the sections below.

What is SEO?

In simplified terms, it’s the process of improving your website to make it more accessible to users who use search engines.

With the help of SEO, your website can achieve a higher position in SERP organically. The higher your pages’ exposure in search results, the more likely you are to attract new and existing clients to your online store.

Now you can see that it is an important step when your goal is to increase your conversion rate.

But how the process looks like?

We can identify three types of SEO activities:

  • On-Site 
  • Off-Site (Backlink Building)
  • Or Technical SEO

Search engine optimization on your own website involves taking care of the content that appears on your page, the structure of the website, the appearance of keywords, or even the load time. These factors definitely affect On-Site SEO.

During Off-Site SEO, you want to get external links. Link building is a perfect activity for this.

Make sure the theme of the partner’s website is similar to yours, no matter what website your link is on. Also, it doesn’t matter what context your URL is located in.

If your main keyword is “conversion rate” then it’s unlucky to be appearing on a vintage home decor blog.

But why are these links so important? URLs make a kind of network on the Internet that connects websites to each other. For example, if Google sees a website that it deems valuable and useful, it will judge you. After all, if that’s not the case, why would he mention you? 

As you can see, SEO is a very difficult technique to master. It’s also very hard to write a blog about it so that we touch on everything in it.

But let’s get down to business. How can it help you boost your conversion rate?


The relationship between SEO and conversion rate

These two concepts mostly move together. In a simple context, we can say that if you did the SEO process well, your conversion rate will increase, and if you did it poorly, your conversion rate will stagnate or decrease.

In practice, however, this is not always the case, as it may be reliant on:

  • The activities of competitors
  • The difficulty of your chosen keyword
  • How much competition appear for that particular keyword
  • The UX optimization of your website

We could even list, but you can also see from this that SEO is not enough to permanently increase your conversion rate. However, it can provide an excellent foundation.

Now we whisper the secret, you need to create:

  • Great content 
  • Improve loading time
  • Use great design 
  • Aim long-tail keywords.

Let’s see step by step.

Great content

Surely you know who your visitors are, so you know who your target audience is. Use preliminary analysis, such as heatmaps, to find out what content they are really interested in.

If your target audience is middle-aged dog owners and the heatmap analysis reveals that they are primarily interested in dog food, you should produce such content more often.

This can increase your conversion rate by sharing really useful information with your target audience. Because of this, they will visit your website more often.

In addition, it’s a perfect tool for targeting new keywords that may be much more SEO-friendly than you’ve used so far. It’s easy to come across keywords that have high traffic and low competition and which are simple.

With this, you can easily end up at the top of the results, which contributes to an increase in your conversion rate, organically.


Loading time

The speed with which your site loads is one of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign. Page and site abandonment is heavily influenced by loading time. 

People are more inclined to abandon a website that takes too long to load, that’s why your conversion rate can’t increase.

Loading time is important from a user experience aspect, that is why Google began ranking sites based on it. You have to optimize your site to reduce load time to reach the top of search results. 

We recommend optimizing or reducing all of your graphics, utilizing smaller home page images, delete unnecessary subpages or pop-ups. With these, you can reduce the load time and your conversion rate will more likely to increase.

Great design

It’s a means to improve your website’s user experience, which can lead to an increased conversion rate.

Great design can help you increase some metrics by improving the user experience. It can boost the amount of time visitors spend on your site, increase the number of returning visits, and reduce the bounce rate. All of these factors contribute to the improvement of your site’s ranking.

Also, make sure your page titles are created with the user in mind. Don’t just write them for the sake of SEO. You will see a significant increase in your conversion rate if you optimize your titles. 

These should contain keywords emotionally arousing terms that will capture the eye. In this way, you can reach more potential clients and your conversion rate will improve.

Long-tail keywords

Users are looking for specific information and usually only type a few words. Long-tail keywords should be used to provide users with exactly what they’re seeking while also improving your rankings and conversion rate.

The curse of shorter keywords is that there is usually huge competition for them. So with years of continuous SEO work, you are not sure to get to the top of the results.

Long-tail keywords are much more specific and in many cases, it’s easier to target. This way, your organic traffic can increase and so does your conversion rate.


As you can see, increasing your conversion rate with SEO is not exactly the easiest thing to do. However, you don’t have to worry because there is plenty of options and software available to make the process work.

Feel free to use the strategies mentioned above. We hope you succeed.