Some Unpleasing Facts Inside Our Society

You can see a wide range of creatures formed by God. As a human being, this is fortunate luck that we are living in such a wonderful life. And just for a while, if we could see the wonders of the creator. Then every person differs from each other. Talking about their face, body shape, voice, and several other things, you can identify a change inside them.

But, when we come to the listing of things that are supposed to be common in many person behaviors. Then, there are some aspects where you can find the same mentality among the majority. You may not properly understand the objective of this blog until here. But, when you’ll read out the below points, an idea will be taken of the common attitude in our society. Let’s begin by knowing those 10 facts that you may get agree regarding the present time.

1. Bribe and Marriage

According to the law, it is not allowed to take bribes during the marriage. And many people follow this rule as well. But in many houses, a girl has to face problems and she gets tortured under the name of bribe. And those who do this need to understand that such activities may take place to their daughter. That’s why they need to treat their daughter-in-law like their own kid. After all, she left her own family for you and came here forever.

2. Engineering First, Future Second

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

One general question that you may also have heard from the teens while asking what will you do for graduation? Many people would probably say ‘Engineering’. But, after spending money and four important years to achieve this degree, they later decide what to happen. Nothing is hidden about the employment status of our country. And not every engineer approaches with a dedicated goal. That’s why, those who manage to work hard and smart, achieve a reputed place. Else keep on thinking whether to settle for a job or pursue family or other kinds of business.

3. More on Marriage, Less on Education

People are moving to an advanced world. But their thinking doesn’t elevate to that level. Many of you would probably agree with the above sub-heading. And this activity is mainly there to explore in middle-class families. Just for a matter of a day or two, people spend lakhs of rupees in marriage. And all such things become history. Instead, people can manage to spend a sufficient amount on education expenses and aim to make their child well-literate. This will not only help them for a better cause in the upcoming time. But will also be helpful for the well-being of our country.

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4. Money Itself Is A Greed

One of the illusions that you can find on this planet is money. It is regarded as one of the utmost greed by which people experience hatred, love, and many other things. And one fact that nobody could deny is that money stays till the last breath of a person. After that, it just becomes a matter of fight among the rest of the family members in many cases. Nobody can take such pieces of paper to their grave. Still, many people keep themselves busy occupying the money. Either by a straight path, a wrong way, or by hurting someone’s emotions.

5. Mark Sheet Stays As A Piece Of Paper

Every person moves on with an individual perspective. Like, in some cases, education means a lot to people. And for others, the mark sheet of secondary level schooling remains as evidence of the date of birth’s proof. Yes, education is one of the greatest needs in an individual’s life. But, there are different things that we can relate to here. For example, lower grades in the mark sheet don’t rely on the fact that a person can’t do anything in its life. But, it mainly depends on the quality of education that he achieved. That’s why, to our readers as well, we want to convey this message. Those who are parents and get afraid of their kids’ lower grades. They need to concentrate more on their education rather than the marking of a teacher.

6. Remembrance Of Caste At Specific Occasion

We all are aware that countries like India come under the secular region. People of different religions have lived here and are living happily in the present time as well. But, some individuals or groups don’t like to let that happen. And they keep on focusing on how to break the unity. That’s why they make an impact on people’s mind and motivate to tease or abuse someone’s caste. Instead of saying too much about this point, you may have an idea about it. So, keep on moving with an approach that unity is strength.

7. Mainstream Of Politicians Are Ineffectual

Ministers account to lead the population in different states. Their job is to resolve the problems that arise in the locality. But, the usual character regarding politicians of our country is not up to the mark. They don’t come forward for the kind of development that is strictly required for us. They are the front leaders, they should do something superior for us. Everyone wants to become a successful person, but not everyone stands to serve the nation for betterment. Even how many of you have seen the kids of politicians joining the army to protect their motherland?

8. Weaker Implementations On Some Aspects

Yes, we agree that a lot of rules are made for the comfort of citizens. But still, many reasons make a barrier to lift the standards of our country. The first thing is about the strict implementation of corruption. The second thing is about getting proper value for which we are paying taxes. For example, if we break traffic rules, the officer will tear the invoice of fine for it. But, what if we fell in the hole situated in between the road and get injured just after paying the fine! Nobody will talk about the fractured roads, but they will stop for not wearing a helmet. Not about these, a lot of things exist that needs to have a proper execution.

9. Save Tree, Really?

Do you know the major source from which paper is made? It’s the tree. People use to convey the message of saving trees and the environment. But from what! They eventually take help from those papers to write ‘save trees’ which have been made by cutting trees. This looks at a bit embarrassing but it is the real truth.

10. Gambling

Sometimes, the management authority of a nation puts some serious rules and regulations which aren’t seriously required. But, when the talk is about limiting or ending some major issues, they don’t put a step forward. For example, if people know the places where gambling takes place. Then why don’t the local authorities identify those places and seal the illegal business?


In the above points, things are based on a particular situation. Like, we don’t target any individual or a particular community for any cause. But, it is the matter of some people who perform unpleasing tasks. And the rest of the people are blamed for such affairs. A strict transformation is needed in the atmosphere. So that it could be better for us, our society, and the sake of the nation.