LIVING WITH DEPRESSION: How to Cope With Depression and anxiety

This is a fact that a person has to face both ups and downs in his life. Sometimes you find utter happiness while there are some cases where you can find yourself distressed. Many occurrences affect the taste of our life in a negative aspect. Out of which, we will talk about the term ‘depression‘.

What is Depression

You can identify this condition as a mood disorder. Here, a person suffers from a constant feeling of sadness and make himself away from good living. This can happen due to some unpleasing conditions that take place in a person’s life. Living with depression and anxiety can prove to be worse for many persons. This is because the condition can affect their physical and mental well-being.

Negative Impacts of Depression

If you’re living with a depressed person, some conditions can be identified.


For example:

  • You can find him with a saddened mood.
  • The depressed person can face involuntary weight gain or loss.
  • He may sleep to a large extent or inadequate.
  • The person may find problems in concentrate, think, and making decisions.
  • There can be irritable behavior with friends, family, or loved ones.

A man can face depression in many cases. But remember, depression can also take place inside women, teens, and college students. The conditions mentioned are on an inflammatory basis. Symptoms may vary between person to person regarding age and gender.

If you’re living with a depressed spouse, remember there are some hidden signs as well. Like, there can be repeated thoughts of doing something wrong, like suicide. The person may obtain feelings of worthlessness or guilt. He may find a reduced enjoyment or interest in the things which were enjoyed in the past.

Living and Coping With Depression

Depression can last for some days, weeks, or even months. At that time, the person must not need to lose hope. Instead, he needs to attempt in finding ways to deal with it. Remember, depression exhaust your energy and hope. It becomes an obstruction when you want to take the steps that can provide you positive results.

Ways to Cope With Depression

Living with someone who is facing depression can be a hard call. But, one major thing to perform in such a scenario is to stand with him and encourage for good.

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Try to find ways to cope with depression.


  1. Support them through every moment when they feel low or saddened.
  2. Try to spend quality time with them so they could share the feelings that de-motivate them from inside. This can be a helpful measure to make them feel light from inside and getting rid of an unpleasant mood.
  3. Make sure to perform things that are likable by that person. Like, you can make a meal of their favorite choice. Attempt those activities by which he can forget the worries or nervousness.
  4. All these things can be difficult in the initial time as the person may not find a good temper to accompany your presence. But, you need to be steady in making possible attempts to let them away from depression.

What Can a Depressed Person Do?


A depressed person also needs to carry on his life with a good approach. He or she needs to spend some time in nature. Like, going to green areas where the fresh air makes them feel well.

Try to enjoy time with your loved ones. Share your feelings about the problems face-to-face. Indulge in those activities that you like to do. There is a good option to make your mind towards meditation and exercise. To neglect negative thoughts, try to give time in reading books. Promote yourself that you can overcome the hurdles soon and will achieve the usual track again.

Take Care 🙂