How To Lose Stubborn Fat In A Week

How To Lose Stubborn Fat In A Week

Usually, it is not advised to lose major weight in a week. However, there are times when you want to shed quickly and look perfect for occasion. So, if you’re very serious about one week weight loss and lose stubborn fat plan, these two steps can help you achieve your aim. It involves change in the diet plan and daily routine for fast weight loss.

Implement these two steps and experience a huge difference in your weight. All you need to bring is a focus and iron clad commitment. The advantage is you don’t need to bring diet pills, costly supplements, and rigorous exercise plan.

Step one: Play with your diet plan to lose stubborn fat

Following are the things you shouldn’t eat for week or clearly, eliminate them from your diet plan

Fried food: Being too high in calories and salt content, it brings more fat within your body. Avoid eating fish, meat or poultry that comes with bread or in fried form. Also, stop eyeing on french fries, potato chips, chicken nuggets or fried vegetables. It will help to lose stubborn fat.High drink calories: Any sweet beverage contain calories in it and
should be avoided. Drink more and more water and avoid beer, wine, and any kind
of alcohol.

Wait! There are more in the list. You have been considering these as regular healthy to intake drinks but
they aren’t. You should put a hold on juices, sports drinks, coffee drinks,
soda, and sweetened tea. But, keep drinking water and stay hydrated throughout
the day.

Baked food: Cake, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, or anything made out of bread is a big no no. You should also pass on baked chips, baked pasta, or any salty snack (that you previously thought was healthy). For when you feel hungry and wanted to eat something sweet, try out a plate of fresh seasonal fruit. It will give a rest to your hunger while keeping your stomach filled.

Overall, calories and fat intake needs to be avoided. But, continue taking in proteins for energy and face glow.

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Step two: Add exercise to the schedule

Total weight loss program is not feasible in the time span of one week.
You need to play safe by adding more step to your routine. Precisely, you
should walk up to 10,000 steps, that will help you burn those stubborn fat
around your body.

If don’t feel a little tired or light at the end of the day, add more steps. Like 15,000 or 20,000 steps and to measure it, download an application in your mobile phone. If you’re a working professional, take short breaks and don’t sit for straight four or five hours. As an example, you can walk for some minutes in the morning, after lunch
break, after tea break and before going to bed. Overall, if you walk for an
hour within a day you will be able to meet your goal.

Bottom Line

If you implement the above two steps and don’t put more efforts, you
should be able to do a good weight loss. But, just because you are walking more
doesn’t mean you can eat a little extra.

After you complete this one-week diet plan, give an hour to long term weight loss & lose stubborn fat program for lasting results. Having a balance diet and exercise every day is the best way to take care of your body as well as skin. 

Have a healthy day ahead 🙂